Java compiler error generic array creation

And you can' t just make it static, because it will then need E also. b array will indeed need a type that is generic, i. B or if you' d change. To understand this topic let us directly start with an example. List< Integer> arrayOfIntegerList[ ] = new ArrayList< > [ 10] ; / / compile time error! You will find that a simple statement like this will not even compile because the Java. You can' t create arrays with a generic component type. Create an array of an explicit type, like Object[ ], instead. You can then cast this to PCB[ ] if you want, but I don' t recommend it in most cases. PCB[ ] res = ( PCB[ ] ) new. You can' t create arrays with generics. Use a Collection< Set< Hexagon> > or ( Array) List< Set< Hexagon> > instead. Here' s the formal ' s because Java' s arrays ( unlike generics) contain, at runtime, information about its component type.

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    Java array creation

    add( 1) ; myInts. add( 2) ; List< Number> myNums = myInts; / / compiler error myNums. 14) ; / / heap polution. You can' t have arrays of generic classes. Java simply doesn' t support it. You should consider using a collection instead of an array. For instance, public static ArrayList< List< MyObject> > a = new ArrayList< List< MyObject> ( ) ;. This program does in fact even compile: String[ ] arr = new String[ 5] ; Object[ ] oa = arr; oa[ 0] = 5; / / Eeek! An Integer in a String[ ]? Here however, oa[ 0] = 5 throws an ArrayStoreException in runtime. In other words, when om the Java Language Specification section on array creation expressions: It is a compile- time error if the ClassOrInterfaceType does not denote a reifiable type ( § 4. The rules above imply that the element type in an.

    You can only create raw array types. You need to do this: a = new ArrayList[ 2] ;.